What is worm farming?

Worm farming is another great way to compost your food waste. Worms will eat most of your food waste and turn it into a high-quality fertiliser. Worm farms work well for apartments and small households. Worm farms don’t smell, they don’t take up much room and can be kept indoors.

Worm farming suits if you

  • Don’t have any garden waste
  • Don’t produce a lot of food waste
  • Don’t have space or access to bare earth for a compost bin

Benefits of worm farming

  • Worm wee is a great liquid fertiliser
  • You can keep your worm farm in a courtyard, on a balcony or even indoors
  • You don’t need garden waste

Ready to find out more?

Take our worm farming tutorial to learn how to set up your worm farm.