Who is this website for?

Residents Hornsby Shire Council who want to recycle their food scraps, make soil and fertiliser at home and do their bit for the environment.

What is the tutorial about?

We have two tutorials, one on compost bins and one on worm farms.  The tutorials will teach you the practical skills of how to set up your bin or worm farm and keep it running smoothly.

How do I get my compost bin or worm farm?

  1. You must be a resident of Hornsby Shire Council to be eligible.
  2. Do one of the tutorials and complete the quiz.
  3. Once you have passed the quiz, you will be emailed a voucher for a half price compost bin and/or worm farm.
  4. Print out your email voucher.
  5. Present the email at Council’s Waste Management Depot 29 Sefton Road Thornleigh, to redeem your voucher and collect your bin and/or worm farm.* Council’s Waste Management Depot is open Monday to Friday 8.30am-5pm. Saturday morning collect may be arranged by prior arrangement.

What if I fail the quiz?

You can attempt the quiz as many times as you need in order to get all of the answers correct. If you get stuck we recommend you return to the tutorial to find the answers.

Is anything else required of me if I “Join the I Dig Compost community”?

By doing the tutorial and quiz you will not be committed to any other programs or organisations, but you will be able to get more support and may get special offers or invitations to events and workshops related to composting, gardening, and cooking and food sustainability. The I Dig Compost community is about building community and supporting neighbourhood garden projects, so you may also be invited to social events and get-togethers.

Can I have both a worm farm and a compost bin for my household?

Yes. Keeping a compost bin and worm farm can work well. Each household is eligible for one discounted compost bin and/or worm farm through this program. If you want additional products, you can purchase a compost bin or worm farm at full price from our Waste Management office at 29 Sefton Road, Thornleigh.

What if I live in an apartment with no balcony or garden space?

You can keep a worm farm on your balcony, in your garage, bathroom or kitchen. You can give the fertiliser and worm castings you produce to a neighbour, friend or a nearby community garden.

Alternatively, you can organise a compost bin or worm farm for your building’s common area. Discuss this with your neighbours then speak to your body corporate or strata manager to attain approval. You can then purchase your compost bin or worm farm for your block from our Waste Management office at 29 Sefton Road, Thornleigh.

Can I join the I Dig Compost community if I don’t need a new compost bin or worm farm?

Yes, contact us and ask to be added to our I Dig Compost community mailing list.

What if I already know how to compost or worm farm?

If you already know how to compost or worm farm, you don’t need to do the tutorial (though you might learn a few things and they’re lots of fun so we recommend it!).  You will still need to do the quiz to qualify for a discounted compost bin and/or worm farm.

Please visit our events page to find out about free, upcoming workshops

What type of products are offered?

  • Compost bin – A Gedey 220 litre black bin, full price $48
  • Worm farm – A RELN 3 layer farm, full price $92.50
  • A spiral compost turner, full price $18.50

Got a question?

Any compost, worm farm or environmentally related question, do not hesitate to ask us at waste@hornsby.nsw.gov.au

What else can I do?

Visit the Love Food, Hate Waste website to learn how you can minimise the amount of food that becomes waste in the first place.